About us

About Malgré Tout
Malgré Tout TV is the name of Denmarks new free of charge online horse TV channel. The content is for riders and people with a passion for horses. The videos ranges from Live TV streaming from special horse events, a program series that helps riders and interviews with rider across the world. The lead character in Malgré Tout TV is Rasmus Bagger. Rasmus has 10 years of experience in the showbusiness. He has a incomprehensive career in the TV business with both danish and swedish national flow tv and are active with english video online TV content. We believe that our video content should be free. This is one of the fundamental ideas behind our TV concept. We have been active in the media business for two years and the interest, response and engament that we receive on video content is growing rapidly. We can see that all age segments are interacting more and more with video content. Malgré Tout TV was established in 2017.

The name Malgré Tout
Malgré Tout, which means “despite everything” when translated directly from French, was the name of the white horse that King Christian the 10th rode across the border between Kolding and Christiansfeld, in association with the celebration of Southern Denmark becoming reunited with Denmark again in 1920. Despite everything is a recurring theme in Malgré Tout.

Free magazine
Malgré Tout’s digital lifestyle magazine is published six times a year in Denmark and four times in England and can be read for FREE on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. The magazine is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is subscription free while at the same time not requiring you to login. Several times annually we make special editions associated with large equestrian events.

The team behind
Malgré Tout TV is run by a team of dedicated equestrian enthusiasts. The team has a common passion for equine sports. Combined we have comprehensive experience in communication, online marketing, TV production and Social media. We aim to increase the general knowledge  and interest in the equine sports and the equestrian world. The headquarter is in Denmark, where most content will be shot in different locations.